The "Who Knew?" Zoo

Where in Chicago-land can you see a thousand-gallon aquarium, red-eyed tree frogs, blue tegus, jungle carpet pythons, emperor scorpions, pink toed tarantulas, fire belly newts, frisky ferrets, scarlet macaws, pygmy hedgehogs, tiny sugar gliders, exotic iguanas and huge sulcata tortoises?

The Lincoln Park Zoo? Sure. The Brookfield Zoo? You bet. The local strip mall? That’s right, if you come to The Animal Store.

Our shop, tucked into the corner of a shopping center in Lincolnwood, has been home to these and hundreds of other exotic animals for more than 15 years. Walking around the store, you will encounter new creatures on every shelf and around every corner. On any given morning, you may run into a mom and toddler petting the bunnies; a couple of kids feeding grapes to Ernie the Giant Gourami; or a second grade teacher introducing her class to the secrets of the rain forest.

I believe education is one of our most important roles. We frequently host small groups such as scout troops, preschool classes and summer camps. Our staff is knowledgeable about the native habitats and life cycles of all our animals, as well as how to care for them. For many of our visitors, this is the closest they have ever come to animals more exotic than domestic cats and dogs. When you visit us at The Animal Store, it’s a chance to see the bigger world that we all share.

I hope you visit soon. I’m Kenn, the owner, and I look forward to meeting you. Mention this blog post and get 20% off* any one item. If you can’t visit us in person, visit us on the Web at

*offer expires 10/15/08

About 2kop

Writer, editor, blogger, freelancer, grammar ninja, mama, reluctant pet store owner. Passionate about writing.

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