New Take on a Family Favorite

Remember the old-fashioned ant farms — a bunch of sand, sandwiched between two pieces of glass. Practically every family had one. Well, the 21st Century version of this classic learning toy is so futuristic, you’ll barely recognize it.

The AntWorks Colors of Life ant habitat takes the traditional ant farm completely high tech. The multi-color LED shines continuous, full-spectrum light through the nutritious, non-toxic gel. You can set the lights to change continuously, or pick your favorite color with the flick of a switch. Your children will be fascinated watching the ants create intricate patterns as they tunnel through the gel. This is a great first pet experience and a good choice for families with allergies. It’s a safe, fun gift for the little scientists in your life.

Mention the AntWorks blog post and get an additional 15% off* your purchase of a Colors of Life ant habitat between now and the end of the year.

*Offer expires December 31, 2010.


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