Nano Aquariums & the Fluval Chi

chi — the life force the permeates the world
(according to Chinese tradition)

The hottest thing in aquaria today is the nano aquarium (2.5 – 35 gallons). Fluval has interpreted some of the smallest versions of the nano aquarium in its elegant chi kits. Available in two sizes (5 gallon and 6.6 gallon), these complete kits are easy to set-up and maintain and have tiny footprints, making them ideal for small spaces such as offices and apartments. Even my daughter’s dorm* would allow the Fluval chi.

It’s true that these smart little aquariums can bring beauty and energy into your space, with their sleek, edgeless design and minimalist aesthetic. They also offer a great introduction to the hobby, and come equipped with safe, low voltage LED lighting and a powerful filtration system. If you have been looking for an easy way to bring a pet into your life or to explore fish keeping, stop in soon to learn more about the Fluval chi or one of the many other shapes and sizes of aquariums we offer at The Animal Store.

Mention this post and get 10% off** your purchase of a Fluval chi.

[*Dorm pet policy: Pets are forbidden in residence halls with the exception of aquatic animals (e.g., fish, frogs, turtles) that can be safely and humanely contained in a tank/bowl of five gallons or less. Lights and filters are allowed and must fit within the parameters of the college’s fire safety guidelines.” Note: check the policy of your individual dorm/school.]

**Offer good on white tags only. Expires 2/15/11. 


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