2 Happy Girls, 1 Happy Bunny

Any guesses as to what brought these giant, gorgeous smiles to these two sunny faces? That little furball in the middle — their new bunny. They have chosen to name her Amelia. It’s a nice name. Not as dignified as Ernie, but a very fine name.

Thanks for sharing your picture, girls. You are definitely in the running for our photo/video contest. (I’m still working out the prizes with Kenn, but I’ll get back to you on that real soon.)

There’s still time to submit your photos and/or videos for our contest. If you have an Animal Store pet, take a picture, why dontcha? Then send it to me, Ernie. (Hint: some people say “cheese” when they get their pictures taken, but saying “Ernie” produces a much bigger smile.)


About erniefish

Permanent resident of The Animal Story, Chicago's Family Pet Store. Working on becoming the oldest living giant gourami. Pretty sure I'm the only blogging gourami.

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