A Ferret Tale, Official Movie Trailer

We’ve been supporting Alison Parker’s upcoming indie film, Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale, right from the beginning. And by support, I mean Kenn has ponied up cash (The Animal Store will be in the credits as an associate producer, thanks to his generosity).

I have been quietly providing moral support from the sidelines. Sadly, I probably won’t see my name in the credits, despite this important role in the making of the film. I was really hoping for a cameo. Maybe it’s not too late.

This is the official trailer for the upcoming film. We can’t wait to see it. It looks like a good one. Read more about the movie (and the ferret) here. If you want to keep up with the film’s progress, you can follow Jake & Jasper on Facebook.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Permanent resident of The Animal Story, Chicago's Family Pet Store. Working on becoming the oldest living giant gourami. Pretty sure I'm the only blogging gourami.

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