Blue Tongue Skink in the House

Have you ever seen a Blue-tongued Skink? I have. There’s one here at The Animal Store. And darned if that thing doesn’t really have a blue tongue. As I mentioned in my last post, the reptiles seem to be taking over the joint. It’s not true, of course. The aquatics department still rules, with more than 100 tanks of beautiful tropical fish, turtles, amphibians, coral and anemone. And me, your host, Ernie the Giant Gourami.

But back to the skink. In the wild, that blue tongue is used to scare off predators. I’m sure you can see how that would work. As a pet, the blue tongue is just pure cool. The Blue-tongued Skink originates from Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania, and Indonesia. These guys are really friendly, easy to tame, and I hear they make great pets, even for young kids.

A full-grown skink will be about 18-24 inches long and needs a large, safe enclosure. They can live from 10 to 20 years. Kenn or one of the other pet masters can tell you everything else you need to know.

So come in soon and stick your tongue out at our skink, and maybe he’ll stick his blue tongue out back at you.


About erniefish

Permanent resident of The Animal Story, Chicago's Family Pet Store. Working on becoming the oldest living giant gourami. Pretty sure I'm the only blogging gourami.

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  1. I hate to point this out but Tasmania is a part of Australia. As an Aussie, these lizards are pretty cool.

  2. Thanks for the correction. Our brains are a little frozen here this time of year. And Ernie has never been very good at geography.

  3. Hi! We are BIG fans of the Animal Store. We got Rexy, our bearded dragon there. Kenn is super knowledgeable about all of the animals. We love visiting. We even brought some welcome home lettuce and corn for Spur!

    We were worndering if there are any snakes that DO NOT depend on mice or other rodents for food. The blue-tongue skink looks cool. What does he eat? Are there any medium-sized, easy-to-take-care-of snakes that you have in your store? Also, how much do they cost, on the average?

    • Hi, Lauren. We like you, too! Garter snakes eat fish. All other snakes eat rodents.

      The blue-tongued skink eats cricket and bananas. Come on into the store or give Kenn a call and he can help you choose the reptile or snake that would be right for your family. Each animal has it’s own needs and level of commitment, and it’s the combination of these characteristics that will help you decide. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  4. The Blue-tongued Skink is an incredibly cute animal. Yes, it’s a nice pet for kids, too, not only for reptile lovers. It’s low maintenance. Just provide it enough space to coz they are relatively large for a lizard.

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