Our animal experts speak Spanish

(Note: The Animal Store blog is “written” by our spokesfish, Ernie the Giant Gourami.)

So, did you know we speak Spanish here at The Animal Store. And by we, I don’t mean Kenn. As Kenn says, English is his second language, he doesn’t have a first. Luckily, he was smart enough to hire Yussel, who speaks fluent Spanish.

Yussel is our store manager. She loves animals and knows a lot about us. She really likes the birds (don’t ask me why; everyone knows that fish are much cuter than birds), but she knows her way around the fish aisle, too … and the small animals … and the reptiles. She’s not afraid of anything, either. I’ve even seen her pick up the scorpions and tarantulas right in her hand. You won’t catch my fins anywhere near a scorpion.

Be sure to say hola to Yussel the next time you visit. And remember, our animals are all fluent in the only language that really counts — the language of love.

The Spanish version of this post appears directly below this one.


About erniefish

Permanent resident of The Animal Story, Chicago's Family Pet Store. Working on becoming the oldest living giant gourami. Pretty sure I'm the only blogging gourami.

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