Animal Store Gift Card Winner Donates to Red Door Shelter

Hey, everybody, did you know that Kenn’s wife, Susan, has a blog called Two Kinds of People. Each year, she runs an essay contest complete with prizes. This year’s winner, Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, donated one of her prizes—a $25 Animal Store Gift Card—to Red Door Animal Shelter.

Red Door Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter committed to helping animals in need. Its primary focus is on the rescue, shelter and adoption of cats, dogs and rabbits—the three most popular pets in the United States. The Animal Store supports the efforts of the Red Door.

We would also like to congratulate Norine on her excellent winning essay and thank her for her generous donation to the Red Door Animal Shelter. Thanks, Norine! (I, personally, love that Norine calls her blog “Don’t Put Lizards in Your Ears“. As a giant gourami, I can’t say that anyone has ever tried to put me [or my kin] into a human ear canal, but I strongly advise your readers to keep fish, as well as lizards, out of their ears.)


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