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Come Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with Savings

Things are seriously hopping around here. Kenn and Yussel were busy decorating the store and stocking the shelves for our big 20th anniversary sale this weekend. There are all kinds of new animals and products around, and lots of fun stuff planned for the whole family.

Saturday November 10 & Sunday November 11 only

20% off Everything in the Store

Magic and Balloon Animals

Saturday only from 10-noon, Magician J-Magic will delight us with some closeup magic and balloon animals, so bring the kids.

Hourly Drawings

Just look at all this cool stuff we’re giving away.

Specials in Every Department

  • Buy any 4 bird toys and get 30% off each item.
  • Buy any 4 dog items and get 30% off each item.
  • Buy any 4 cat items and get 30% off each item.
  • Buy any 4 small animal chews or treats and get 30% off each item.
  • Buy any 4 items of reptile cage decor or bedding and get 30% off each item.

Many, many more birds and animals on sale throughout the store.

*discounts taken on white tags only
**groups cannot be combined


Our animal experts speak Spanish

(Note: The Animal Store blog is “written” by our spokesfish, Ernie the Giant Gourami.)

So, did you know we speak Spanish here at The Animal Store. And by we, I don’t mean Kenn. As Kenn says, English is his second language, he doesn’t have a first. Luckily, he was smart enough to hire Yussel, who speaks fluent Spanish.

Yussel is our store manager. She loves animals and knows a lot about us. She really likes the birds (don’t ask me why; everyone knows that fish are much cuter than birds), but she knows her way around the fish aisle, too … and the small animals … and the reptiles. She’s not afraid of anything, either. I’ve even seen her pick up the scorpions and tarantulas right in her hand. You won’t catch my fins anywhere near a scorpion.

Be sure to say hola to Yussel the next time you visit. And remember, our animals are all fluent in the only language that really counts — the language of love.

The Spanish version of this post appears directly below this one.

Nuestros expertos en animales hablan español

(Nota: El blog de The Animal Store es escrito por nuestro portavoz pez, Ernie el Gourami Gigante.)

Sabían que hablamos español en la Tienda de Animales (The Animal Store). Y cuando digo hablamos no me refiero a Kenn. ¡Así es! Kenn dice que el Ingles es su segundó lenguaje pero en realidad ni un primer lenguaje tiene. Afortunadamente, el fue lo suficientemente inteligente para contratar a Yussel, quien si habla el español con fluidez soltura.

Yussel es nuestra gerente de la tienda. Ella ama a los animales y tiene mucho conocimiento sobre nosotros. Le encantan los pájaros ( no me pregunten por qué, todos saben que los peces son muchísimo más bonitos que los pájaros) pero a pesar de eso ella también tiene mucho conocimiento en el área de peces, animales pequeños y reptiles. No le tiene miedo a nada, la he visto agarrar los escorpiones con su mano, ustedes no verán jamás a ninguna de mis aletitas cerca de algún escorpión.

Asegúrate de decirle “Hola” a Yussel la próxima vez que nos visites. Y recuerda, todos nuestros animales dominan bien el lenguaje que realmente importa—el lenguaje del amor.