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Animal Store Gift Card Winner Donates to Red Door Shelter

Hey, everybody, did you know that Kenn’s wife, Susan, has a blog called Two Kinds of People. Each year, she runs an essay contest complete with prizes. This year’s winner, Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, donated one of her prizes—a $25 Animal Store Gift Card—to Red Door Animal Shelter.

Red Door Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter committed to helping animals in need. Its primary focus is on the rescue, shelter and adoption of cats, dogs and rabbits—the three most popular pets in the United States. The Animal Store supports the efforts of the Red Door.

We would also like to congratulate Norine on her excellent winning essay and thank her for her generous donation to the Red Door Animal Shelter. Thanks, Norine! (I, personally, love that Norine calls her blog “Don’t Put Lizards in Your Ears“. As a giant gourami, I can’t say that anyone has ever tried to put me [or my kin] into a human ear canal, but I strongly advise your readers to keep fish, as well as lizards, out of their ears.)


Last Minute Gift Idea for Pet Lovers

It’s getting down to the wire and maybe your list is longer than you thought it was. Or maybe you’ve just been too busy to get everything done that you need to do for the holiday. We’re here for you. The Animal Store will be open through Christmas Eve and has all kinds of last-minute gift ideas for the pet or pet lover on your list.

We’ve got toys for your dog, treats for your birds, and the perfect present for any pet. We can also help you surprise your family with that new pet they’ve been wanting. We’ll help you choose something wrappable for under the tree. Then you can bring the family in after Christmas to choose just the right bunny or kitty, gerbil or guinea pig, reptile and fine feathered friend.

Still at a loss. We also have gift cards in any denomination. They make perfect stocking stuffers. Happy Holidays from all of us at The Animal Store.

Mention the last-minute holiday post and get 10% off your entire purchase* between now and Christmas.

*Offer expires December 26, 2010 and excludes gift cards.

Enter to Win

Are you in the neighborhood? Stop by Bank Financial Lincolnwood Branch to see our table top exhibit celebrating local businesses. While you’re there, fill out a drawing slip for your chance to win a $25 gift card to The Animal Store and put the slip into the fishbowl. The display will only be exhibited for a few more days, so stop by soon.

Why support a small business like The Animal Store? The obvious reason is that we need you — you and your pets are the reason we exist. Our goal is provide you with excellent service; healthy, socialized animals; a complete array of pet supplies; and valuable information. Oh, yeah — and value. Check out our competitive prices; you won’t be disappointed.

Turns out you need us, too. According to the U.S. Government, small businesses like The Animal Store are still the backbone of the American economy, comprising more than 99% of all employers and creating the bulk of new jobs. According to the 3/50 Project, for every $100 you spend in a local independent business, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. That’s a pretty good return on your investment.

Thank you, as always, for your visiting and supporting The Animal Store. As a token of our appreciation, just mention the shop local blog post and get 10% off any single item* during the month of May.

*Offer good on white tags only and valid through May 31, 2010.

This is Big!

Just in time for Christmas, The Animal Store is running its first-ever online contest. As some of you may know, The Animal Store was named after the wonderful poem of the same name written by Rachel Fields.

The first stanza of the poem goes like this:

If I had $100 to spend,
Or maybe a little more
I’d hurry as fast as my legs would go
Straight to the Animal Store.

Now, you can win $100 to spend at The Animal Store. On Tuesday, December 22, one winner will be chosen at random to receive a $100 gift card to The Animal Store. All you need to do to win is to leave a comment on this post telling us the name of your favorite pet — past or present — and, if you’d like, what that pet means to you. To enter, just leave a comment below.

For a second entry, you can Twitter about this contest (please leave a separate comment below linking to your tweet). That’s a maximum of two entries per person (one comment; one comment about your tweet). Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win.

Our store is located in Lincolnwood, just north of Chicago. Out-of-town readers are welcome to enter and are eligible to win; we will be happy to ship anything you purchase with the $100 gift card, but please remember that applicable shipping charges apply and may not be charged to the gift card. Family members and staff should refrain from entering this contest and give someone else a chance to win.

One runner-up will be chosen to win one of our cool new t-shirts featuring an edgy version of our logo. Enter today — you can spend your $100 at The Animal Store buying a pet for a gift, or gifts for your favorite pet.

Good luck. And remember, gift cards are a great way to give a pet for Christmas — and they are much easier to wrap!

Holiday Pet Jokes

Mom, can I have a dog for Christmas?
No, you can have turkey like everyone else.

How do cats greet each other over the holidays?
Have a furry merry Christmas and a happy mew year.

Why is a cat on a beach like Christmas?
Because they both have “sandy claws”.

OK, the jokes may be bad, but the holidays deals are good at The Animal Store. We have gift cards available in any denomination. Stop by soon to fill up your favorite pet’s stocking. Mention the Holiday Jokes post and get a 10% discount on cat toys or treats*.

Leave your comment and tell us your favorite pet joke.

Happy holidays from The Animal Store.

*Offer good on white tags only and valid through Monday, December 21, 2008.
Photo credit: Christmas Kitten by Rachel Kirk.

We’re Thankful for You!

Reminder: The Animal Store will be
Closed on Thanksgiving

We will reopen at our regular time, 10 a.m., on Friday, November 28. In honor of the holiday, we would like to thank you, our customers, with a special weekend promotion. Just mention this Traveling Turkey post and get:

25% off your entire purchase*
Friday, Saturday and Sunday only

Take advantage of this unprecedented deal as you begin your holiday shopping. We have pets for gifts and gifts for pets. We also offer gift cards* in any denomination — this is a great suggestion for far-away relatives of a pet-loving family.

Animal Boarding at The Animal Store

Are you going away for Thanksgiving or the upcoming holidays? Remember, we board small animals and birds. Call or email us for more information, and leave a comment to share why you are grateful for your pet.

*discount not valid on gift cards. Offer ends Sunday, November 30, 2008. Discount taken off white tags only and no other discounts apply.
Graphic credit: Turkey on Vacation by Gravity X9.

Turtle Joke of the Day

How do turtles pay for things?

They shell out cash.

At The Animal Store, all our pets accept cash, but we also accept personal checks with proper ID, as well as all major credit cards and Animal Store Gift Cards.

We love to hear from you. Email us or leave a comment here.

Photo credit:  Donatello by manlord.
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Gift Cards Available

What’s in a name? Well, our name — The Animal Store — comes from a wonderful poem written by Rachel Field:

The Animal Store — by Rachel Field

If I had a $100 to spend,
Or maybe a little more
I’d hurry as fast as my legs would go
Straight to the Animal Store.

I wouldn’t say “How much for this or that?”
“What kind of dog is he?”
I’d buy as many as rolled an eye,
Or wagged a tail at me!

I’d take the hound with the drooping ears
That sits by himself alone;
Cockers and Cairns and wobbly pups
To be my very own.

I might buy a parrot all red and green.
And the monkey I saw before.
If I had a hundred dollars to spend
Or maybe a little more.

Do you know someone who would enjoy having a little spending money to use at The Animal Store? We have gift cards available in any denomination — the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life. Stop in today, visit us on the web or email us for more information.

Comments welcome.

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