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Wordless Wednesday #27: AJ and his new rabbit



Wordless Wednesday #26: Green Cheek Conure

WW#26 Mikaela and dad Michael

It’s been a while since our last Wordless Wednesday, so here are some happy new pet owners to brighten your day: Mikaela and her dad Michael are ready to take their Green Cheek Conure home.

Wordless Wednesday #25: Somebunny and Friends

WW #25 Somebunny

Wordless Wednesday #24: Violet and her Skink


WW #24 Violet and her Skink

Wordless Wednesday #23: Richardson Ground Squirrel


Stacy y una ardilla de tierra de Richardson

Stacy and a Richardson ground squirrel


Wordless Wednesday #22: Champagne D’Argent Rabbit

Lucy con un conejo Champagne D' Argent

Lucy with a Champagne D’Argent Rabbit

Wordless Wednesday #21: Tia and her Hedgehog

WW# 21 Tia and Hedgehog

Wordless Wednesday #19: Kitana and the Guinea Pigs

WW #19 Kitana513


We admit that Kitana is the cutest thing in this picture, but her cuteness is enhanced by the guinea pigs. Agree?

Belated Wordless Wednesday Video

We missed posting on Wordless Wednesday yesterday, so we’ll just let our new video speak for itself.

Wordless Wednesday #18: The New Bunny

clairenievebunnyClaire and Nieve and their new bunnies.