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FAQ Friday 1: Can I volunteer at The Animal Store?

Yes, we have a volunteer program at The Animal Store called the Jr. Critter Crew. Here are a few facts:

  • You must be at least 11 years old to be a volunteer.
  • If you are between 11 and 17 years old, you must come in with a parent or guardian to learn about being a volunteer, sign a waiver, and get a tour of the store.
  • A volunteer’s primary responsibility is to socialize the birds. You will:

– Learn about their habits, food and care.
– Hold, play with, and carry them around the store to get them used to people.
– Show them to interested customers.

  • Sometimes volunteers work with other small animals to socialize them.

If you love animals, want to play with them, and are kind and responsible, then you might be a perfect person to join the Jr. Critter Crew. Fill out the form on our home page for more information.


Viernes 1 de FQA: ¿Puedo ser voluntario en la tienda The Animal Store?

Si, tenemos un programa para ser voluntario en la tienda The Animal Store el cual se llama el Jr Critter Crew. Aquí estas los requisitos:

  • Tienes que tener tan siquiera 11 años de edad para ser voluntario.
  • Si estas entre las edades de 11 a 17, tienes que venir con un papa o guardián, firmar un documento y dar un tour por la tienda.
  • La responsabilidad más grande de un voluntario es socializar a las aves. Tendrás que:

– Aprender sobre los hábitos de las aves al igual que sobre su alimentación y cuidados.
– Agarrar, mimar y jugar con las aves para así acostumbrarlas al contacto humano.
– Ser capaz de mostrarlas al cliente que se encentre interesado en la ave.

  • De vez en cuando los voluntarios también trabajan con otros tipos de animales pequeños para de igual manera socializarlos.

Si te gustan los animales, y te gustaría jugar con ellos, y eres gentil y responsable podría ser que eres el candidato perfecto para formar parte de nuestro Jr. Critter Crew. Llena el formulario en nuestra página de web para más información.

The Animal Store on 190 North

Here’s yesterday’s edition of 190 North featuring The Animal Store with a cameo by yours truly (Ernie, the Giant Gourami). The whole gang did a great job, but I think you’ll agree that I steal the show.

We’re the second to the last segment. If you want to fast forward, go to the 17 minute mark. Thanks again to the cast and crew of 190 North. Come back and visit us soon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Animal Store on 190 N. Tonight

Not that I’m vain or anything, but I hope the good people filming 190 North caught my good side. Who am I kidding? I just hope my shots didn’t end up on the cutting room floor.

The human animals seemed to be getting most of the attention (especially the short ones from the Jr. Critter Crew). Then the “cute” furry and feathered guys from the other side of the store were hogging the limelight.

At any rate, don’t miss us tonight, with me (I hope) and the beautiful Janet Davies. Our segment is about 2:40 minutes. Set your DVRs now for Channel 7, WLS, 10:35 p.m.

Jr. Critter Crew

Current Jr. Critter Crew members Alexander, Maureen, Esa and Isabella

The animals at The Animal Store are special. Just one of the things that makes them special is the care and attention they get from our Jr. Critter Crew. Members of the Jr. Critter Crew have just one job: to learn about and handle the animals — one at a time.

Jr. Critter Crew member Esa socializing a pygmy hedgehog.

Many kids come into the store wanting to work here, volunteer or play with the animals, but it takes someone great to become a volunteer member of the Jr. Critter Crew. Applicants must be at least 11 years old and come into the store to with their parents to meet with Kenn and to apply. Parents and children must each understand the responsibilities involved.

Once they join the crew, members start getting to know the animals. They learn about their care and feeding from one of our trained staff, but the Jr. Critter Crew member’s job is to socialize the animal — play with it, hold it, carry it around the store and get it used to being handled by people. The more animals are held and played with when they are young, the better pets they make when they go home with a family. Socialization makes it safer for both the pets and their humans.

Next time you come into The Animal Store, look for a young person wearing a Jr. Critter Crew shirt and ask about his or her favorite animals. They’ll be happy to show you.

Alexander shows off the new Jr. Critter Crew t-shirt.