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Big Savings this Weekend

There are all kinds of big savings going on this weekend at The Animal Store. Here are just of few of the deals. Sale ends 5:00 p.m. Sunday, December 11.





Celebrate National Pet Week


The first full week of May is National Pet Week, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Of course, here at The Animal Store, every week is Pet Week, but who are we to pass up a party? Come in and let us help you celebrate your pet with 20% off of any toy, treat or chew for your pet—dog, cat, bird, fish, small animal, reptile, tarantula, bunny … you get the idea. If it’s your pet, we love it too. Offer good through May 11, 2014. No coupon needed. Just mention National Pet Week.

Celebrate National Pet Week
20% off any Toy, Treat, or Chew 


Photo credit: pets by vijaira via a Creative Commons License

Weekend Fish Deal: Buy 2 get 1 Free

Fish buy 2 get 1

Nothing fishy about this deal. Today and tomorrow only (Saturday December 1 and Sunday December 2), buy two fish and get a third of equal or lesser value absolutely free. That’s more than 33% savings, so come stock your aquarium in style. We’re open until 6:00 p.m. Saturday and from 9-5 on Sunday. Tell ’em Ernie sent you.


Come Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with Savings

Things are seriously hopping around here. Kenn and Yussel were busy decorating the store and stocking the shelves for our big 20th anniversary sale this weekend. There are all kinds of new animals and products around, and lots of fun stuff planned for the whole family.

Saturday November 10 & Sunday November 11 only

20% off Everything in the Store

Magic and Balloon Animals

Saturday only from 10-noon, Magician J-Magic will delight us with some closeup magic and balloon animals, so bring the kids.

Hourly Drawings

Just look at all this cool stuff we’re giving away.

Specials in Every Department

  • Buy any 4 bird toys and get 30% off each item.
  • Buy any 4 dog items and get 30% off each item.
  • Buy any 4 cat items and get 30% off each item.
  • Buy any 4 small animal chews or treats and get 30% off each item.
  • Buy any 4 items of reptile cage decor or bedding and get 30% off each item.

Many, many more birds and animals on sale throughout the store.

*discounts taken on white tags only
**groups cannot be combined

Birthday Time

It’s birthday time at The Animal Store. Kenn has two sons (oldest and youngest, 19 years apart) who share a birthday on February 21. And February 22 is the old man’s … er, um, our benevolent leader’s birthday. Happy birthday, Kenn.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to celebrate with all these family members. But where’s my celebration? What about old Ernie here? When’s my big day?

The sad fact is that no one knows. But, I will not let me get that down. I’m going to steal share Kenn’s birthday. In fact, since no one knows when my birthday is, I intend to celebrate it on the 22nd of every month.

And what’s a birthday without presents? Wish Kenn a happy birthday between now and the end of February and get 15% off your purchase. Wish me a happy birthday on the 22nd of any month, and get 10% off your purchase.

I wonder if I can talk Kenn into get me a piñata filled with crickets? Yum.

Happy Year of the Dragon

It’s the Chinese New Year—the Year of the Dragon, traditionally considered by the Chinese to be prosperous and lucky. We’ve got a couple of residents who are really celebrating: the Chinese Water Dragon and our Bearded Dragons.

Chinese Water Dragon

When I first heard we had dragons here at The Animal Store, I was a little freaked out. Let me tell you, those Harry Potter books did nothing to enhance the reps of our friends the Chinese Water Dragon and the Beardies. They’re great guys, seriously, and kind of beautiful, in their own reptilian way. And the fire breathing—pure myth.

Chinese Water Dragons are great swimmers and climbers, and can hold their breath for up to 25 minutes under water. These dragon lizards both will puff out their chins when they feel threatened and the Bearded Dragon gets its name because it has a spiky chin.

Both reptiles make excellent pets.

Baby Bearded Dragons

In honor of the Year of the Dragon, Kenn is offering a 20% discount on everything you need to purchase and keep one of our dragons now through February 6, the end of Chinese New Year. No coupon needed; just tell him that Ernie sent you.

Photo credit:
© Mikhail Blajenov |

No More Angry Birds (except one)

So, I was watching Kenn play Angry Birds on his phone and I have to say, I don’t get it. Those are some seriously angry birds. Frankly, I prefer my birds on the friendly side.

Luckily, our Animal Store birds are are not even a little bit angry. In fact, they are charming and delightful, thanks to our staff and volunteer Jr. Critter Crew, who spend time socializing the birds to be very friendly pets. And it’s a good thing, too, because many pet birds (especially parrots) can live for a long time. Here are some of the birds we have in stock right now:

parrots macaws
cockatoos conures
cockatiels finches
parakeets lovebirds
canaries greys

Kenn wanted me to let you know that  we have big sale going on: cockatiels are just $99 with the purchase of a cage. And we have a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw that’s ready to go home right now for just $1,900 (if you hurry, when you buy the bird, you can even get a $1000 cage for just 400 bucks).

Someone told me we actually do have a couple Angry Birds in the dog toy aisle. They’re the Angry Bird plush dog toys that are personally endorsed by Kenn’s dog, Hazel. Apparently, dogs like Angry Birds. We fish, on the other hand, do not.

Go Friendly Bird. You won’t regret it.

End of “Kitten Season” Event

Kenn's kitten, Pekoe.

We have five cute 8-week old kittens in the store right now, ready to find new homes. They are adorable and I’ve loved watching the little critters come and go around here all summer. But I learned something new today. There is an actual “kitten season”, and it’s about to end.

It turns out that in the continental United States, the feline reproductive cycle generally runs from February through October, which means kittens are generally only available between the end of March and the end of November.

This batch of cuties that we have are likely to be the last kittens we see until spring. If you have been thinking of a new kitty, now is the time. I know from experience that they don’t hang out here very long. One of these guys even looks like Pekoe, Kenn’s family kitten (see that picture; isn’t she cute).

This week only, we are having an End of “Kitten Season” event. With the purchase of one of these five kitties, you will also receive:

  • $20 worth of Royal Canin Kitten Food
  • a free scratch pad

Tell them Ernie sent you to get the special deal, but hurry. Offer is only good as long as we have kittens or until Thanksgiving.

Halloween Sale — 20% Off Storewide

I knew something big was brewing around here. Fish can sense these things, you know. And now, the big secret is out. We’re having a sale! Not some little run-of-the-mill, take-a-few-pennies-off sale. A BIG sale. One that make even a GIANT gourami like me smile.

Saturday and Sunday

October 29 and 30

Kenn says he’ll give you 20% off* everything in the store.


Including dog and cat food. I’ve been here since before The Animal Store became The Animal Store — more than 20 years — and we have never, ever given this big a discount on dog and cat food.

You want more? You got it. Come in costume and Kenn will give you 25% off* your entire purchase. Seriously, how hard can it be to stick on a mask or a clown nose before you get here. Personally, I’d love to see you come dressed as me (I’m famous now after our hit TV appearance last week on 190 North).

There’s lot’s more fun and even bigger discounts happening — including hourly drawings and vets on hand to answer all your questions. Click here for all the details.

If you did not get our flyer in your email box, that means you haven’t subscribed to our mailing list. Just click here to join today so you don’t miss the next big event.

See you Saturday and Sunday. Don’t forget your costume and your camera. It’s a great chance to take a winning picture for our photo/video contest.

*Discount taken off white tag prices only; all other discounts reflect >25% off.

Help Ernie Pick His Halloween Costume

So, I decided I might dress up for Halloween after all, since we’re having a party this weekend. But I need your help. I can’t decide which costume to wear. Help me pick by voting below. And don’t forget to wear your costume on Saturday and Sunday to get 25% off* your entire purchase.

*Discounts taken off white tag prices only. All other tags represent discounts >25%.